• PF Make Hexagonal Head Bolts Screws

    “PF” Make Bolts and Screws shall Meet the Specifications of ISO Grades 4.6, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9 & 12.9 Oure Manufacturing Capacity for Headed Products From M8 X 50 to M100 X 1200 & for Non Headed Products from M8 to M100 & Length up to 3 Meters.

  • PF Make Hexagonal Nuts

    “PF” Make Hexagonal Nuts Conforming to ISO Grades 04, 05, 06, 08 & 10. We Also Make the Special Purpose Nuts.

  • PF Make Plain & Hardened Washers

    “PF” Make Plain and Hardened Washers as per Standard.

  • PF Make Cold Forged Parts

    “PF” Make Customer Specific Cold Forged Parts, Pins and Fasteners

  • PF Make Hot Forged Special Parts

    “PF” Make Hot Forged Parts as per Customer’s Specifications.

  • PF Make Fasteners for Rail/ Metro Projects

    “PF” Make Fasteners U-Bolts Banana/ Curved Bolts, Segment Bolts etc. are Used in Many Metro Projects.

  • PF Make Foundation Bolts

    “PF” Make Foundation Bolts Conforming to IS-5624 Standard or to meet Customer’s Specification.

  • PF Make DTI Washers

    “PF” Make Direct Tension ladicating (DTI) Washers Conforming to ASTM F959 or EN 14399-9 Standard. Surface Finish Shall be Zinc Phosphate Coated and oiled Mechanical Zinc Coated.

  • Pf Make High Strength Structural Bolts (HSFG)

    “PF” Make Hign Strength Structural Bolt Assembly (HSFG Bolt Assembly), Consists of Bolt, Nut & Hardened Washer.
    Our Bolts are Conforming to IS, ISO or ASTM Standard as per Customer Requirements. DTI Washer is Optional and Hence Extra By default we supply the products in zinc phosphate coated & Oiled condition. Other type of surface finish can be supplied as per customer’s specifications.

  • PF Make Full Thread Studs

    We Manufacture full Threaded Stud with Nut and Washer Assemblies Conforming to ASTM A 193/ASTM A 194 Standard.