Applications Overview


Panchsheel’s products have wide application.
Panchsheel Fasteners is approved by IRCON. Hence our products are used Railway projects. We have supplied to some prestigious projects like Bogiebil Bridge, Munger Bridge, etc. We are suppliers to many Railway ROB contractors.

Railway bridges

Railway bridges
Railway bridges
Railway bridges
Railway bridges

Panchsheel’s products are used for “PRE ENGINEERED BUILDINGS” (PEB). PEB are used for many applications such as manufacturing units, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical units, ware houses, automotive workshop and many more.

Steel structure buildings: Steel structure buildings are most popular in many cities. This saves the construction time, hence cheaper, for a given built up area larger carpet area is available. Another advantage is better scarp value after expiry of life

Steel structure buildings

Panchseel has supplied the produrts to many Road projects such as VIP bridge Kolkata, Signature bridge Delhi.

Road bridge

Industral Project

Industries Project
Industries Project
Industries Project

Panchsheel has supplied the products to many infrastructure projects such as construction of Power station.

Panchsheel’s products are used for construction of Boilers and chemical industries. We are suppliers to leading boiler manufacturers and chemical equipment manufacturers.

Large commercial Steel Buildings/Commercial towers/Malls/ Hangers/PEB Buildings

  • ICICI Regional HQ Building at Hyderabad
  • Lulu International Shopping Mall Kochi
  • IAF Air Base Hindon, Gaziabad
  • Flipcart Ware house (Steel Tower)project Bangalore
  • Mist Avenue G+ 33 storied Steel Tower at Noida

Metro Rail Projects At

  • Bangalore, Chennai, Lucknow, Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi , Jaipur, Hyderabad
  • Elevated viaduct
  • Under Ground Tunnels
  • Elevated Station steel structures
  • Steel Bridges